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My name is Micah and I live with my wife Lindsey and our daughter Arden on Prince Edward Island. Loving the fresh ocean breezes and beautiful landscape!

Micro Blog #2 – Popcans

Had a deal on at our local corner store, 3 12 can packs of pop for $9.99. Can’t pass that up 🙂 Especially when those same cans will make us money over the year heating! My current box has 12 cans in it. Its saving us (as calculated in this blog: Solar Heating Calculations) about $13 a year.  With 36 cans added to the group, that savings jumps up to $52 a year. Haven’t gotten my BIG panels up and running, I simply have no place to put them. Once we purchase a house, I’ll review that again. I’ll post more once I’ve created these. Can’t wait to see what I’m able to collect in Ajax as well over Christmas :). Popcan solar heaters are such a great little fun project and Do make an impact on heating bills.

Micro blog #1 – Fuel bills

Our oil tank is diminishing quickly, especially with the sub zero temps out these last few days. Methinks a tank will last only 2 months which is too bad! Cost $650 to fill it. The gauge isn’t quite reliable though, when full it only measures 3/4 … maybe the float is partially submerged, or maybe when the oil is that high, it just can’t go that far…  Likely we’ll fill up before we leave for Ontario and make sure the temps are turned down so as not to use much. I SO wish the landlord would allow us to have programmable thermostats! We could easily save so much oil that way. I’ll probably follow up with a ‘post-winter’ review on oil consumption. Should be interesting to see what we’re going through. Granted, from reading forums and such, our consumption doesn’t look TOO far out of whack.. still, would like to conserve more.

Snow is on the ground

We finally have snow on the ground. I got to shovel the driveway – its big, and put on the brand new snow tires. And we got a Christmas tree (although its only 2 feet tall). We’re officially ready for Christmas now. We also watched the Kensington Santa Claus parade, that was nice.

Photo 115As we go to Ontario for Christmas, I think our car is going to be PACKED on the way there and no different back as we bring home more stuff from my parents place.

We’ll have presents and instruments on the way down and instruments and all the stuff we left there on the way back. Well, some of it, won’t have room for all of it. I’m excited! Nice to have cold temperatures and snow, looking forward to the next blizzard to really test out the snow tires.

We did get stuck already though with the all seasons as we were tree hunting. Got half way up a backroad hill that was only driven up previously by what looked like a small tractor by the looks of the tracks left behind. Its great trying to get down back roads after a fresh snow fall, gotta keep your speed up and hang on 🙂 Kinda like snowmobiling, cept on a snowmobile you gotta keep your feet up and hang on.

Having fun being in PEI so far, can’t wait to see what the rest of the winter brings!