What are the Muslim riots really about?

Watch the video. Is this true? And if so, why don't you know about it?

I follow a lot of the 'side' news for this very reason, northamerican media doesn't often know or tell the whole story. Whether on purpose or simply ignorance I'm not sure. And this isnt an anti Muslim idea, they skew stories from Israel as well, and often you won't hear the full story when it comes to news. Items from Europe for example.


Watch it, is it true? Please do comment, I'm interested to find out what others are thinking here. This is not just about a low budget movie.



WiiUs killer feature (IMHO) – Part #2

I did a post a couple days ago about the killer feature. I wrote it before they did their big reveal on it. And it turned out to be more than even I figured it would be – well done Nintendo! I think it had to be no less than they did do from what I see.

The other post was here:

WiiUs killer feature (IMHO)


So here is what it can do very basically…

– Control your TV with IR (ipad can’t do this. Sure apple TV can but Apple TV won’t plan full out console games either. Well maybe it could but thats not its sole purpose)

– play netflix and the like

– stream media

– control your DVR

-Provide a social angle to watching TV real time

– Allow favourite channels to be set and selected.

– Provide interactive TV such as play sheets along side a football game or realtime commentary text or scores for other games.

This doesn’t really explain it well, watch the videos. Sufficed to say, from the looks of it, Nintendo really DOES have a killer feature if it turns out as good as it looks. Noone else has a device that will stay in the living room, is accessible an friendly to all who are going to be watching TV and as flexible with apps, infrared transmitter etc.

Can’t wait to get my hands on it and really see if it will replace all our remotes (we have have about 5 or 6 remotes now. TV, DVD, HD converter, motorized Antenna and a couple extra ones hanging around…)

I’m excited, this along with the games at launch make me think that Nintendo bet large and got it right AGAIN and not only that, they are winning back the hardcore crowd!



Here is the TVii trailer from Nintendo:

YouTube Direkt

End of September Prophecy Update

This is a bit more of a general opinion blog on where we are in bible prophecy, not so much one providing lots of articles and proof and all that. I’ve done that before, and all of the news is on the National (CBC) so this is all common knowledge though likely not on your radar as much as it should be.

Syria is very close to airstrike territory, no fly zones at minimum, still assuming the destruction of Damascus will come out of this ongoing conflict. Syria hasn’t been in a civil war like this in a VERY long time. I don’t know the specifics but Damascus has never been destroyed before like its getting wrecked now so this is definitely a shift in the history of civilization as it relates to bible prophecy.

Muslim Brotherhood governments surround Israel right now, Egypt, Libya, Syria, wherever else the “Arab Spring” happened. This went from secular governments who were controlling the populations with heavy hands and preventing a lot of unrest to fully religious Islamic governments ¬†pushing strict Sharia law (Sharia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) and effectively promoting uprisings and hatred against the west. The US for one has no sway in these countries anymore to keep the relative peace like they did with the secular governments in power. And this switch from secular relatively calm governments to religious Islamic governments was SO fast, it had to be nothing other than prophetic and directed by greater powers. It was amazing the speed at which all the countries around Israel shifted and are shifting. They had been secular for a hundred or more years and now in the space of 2 years they are full out Islamic governments. This had to happen for bible prophecy to come to pass, it enables / allows for all the hatred against Jews to be realized and acted on

since now the governments are on side with the people of those countries in wanting to wipe Israel off the map (the little satan) and to hit back at the great satan (US). Its not me who called them little and great satans, this is what the arab nations call them over and over. Go read some of the latest speeches by the Iranian president, I won’t try to spell his name,:P

Here is the link to him: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad РWikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And Iran, they are quickly moving towards nuclear bombs, read the latest by IAEA:



Check out the PDF with details on what the IAEA has found:



32. Although it is obliged to suspend all enrichment related activities and heavy water related projects, Iran is conducting a number of activities at UCF, the Fuel Manufacturing Plant (FMP) and the Fuel Plate Fabrication Plant (FPFP) at Esfahan, as indicated below, which are in contravention of those obligations, although the facilities are under Agency safeguards. Iran has stated that it is conducting these activities in order to make fuel for research reactors.34

All this added up, oh I didn’t mention the spat between Israel and the US over strikes, preemtive or not… go check that out. some war is going to break out either with Syria, or Iran or both at the same time as Iran is propping up Syria and this all leads to the wars spoken of in bible prophecy. Jesus is coming soon, and the bible foretells all of this stuff.

Beans, Hogs, and Bible Prophecy