House searching

Man its fun and stressful looking for a house. So many shapes / sizes / lots to look through. Do we want a real nice house in a town on stamp sized land, or do we get one in the boonies with more property that maybe needs some work? Should we get something sub 100k and use the extra money to fix it or buy something for 140k and not have to worry about fixing it?

I’d love to have an acreage – doesn’t everyone?? How much is enough, 1 acre, 5 acres, 75 acres? And what about the resale value of the place, will it sell well if we decide to move in 10 years? All things we need to consider. We need a place where we can bring up our kids, where they can roam, where we can roam , it needs trees, a forest, and really, it kinda needs a stream or river of some kind. Our order is tall for sure but there is land out there for sale. We need to measure both of our wants, needs and what we can afford and it all adds up to a HUGE decision that we will need to make in the next month and a half basically.

This place will indeed be our castle, at least for a number of years if not many. Who knows what life holds! Its almost scary to really set your feet down like this and commit to a property.

Bible prophecy videos

If you think bible prophecy is fringe stuff, here are two ‘new’ guys just doing sunday morning services who are excellent with the teaching of bible prophecy. The first being Steve Hadley, he is awesome, I’ve listened to him for months and months now. The second is pastor J.D from Kaneohe, he does prophecy updates before each sunday lesson which are great. The ones below aren’t the most recent but it will give you an idea of what they’re like. These guys are great!

Steve has videos on his site, linked above, and J.D. has mp3s and videos and an itunes channel for his videos. Check it out!

Who will take care of our cat if the rapture occurs?

There is actually supposedly a Christian lady running this for all those worried about their pets should the rapture occur… For real? Not sure what to say about this, is she trying to get her employees saved, or would that be considered bad business because if the rapture occured, she wouldn’t have any employees left on earth? It also seems a blatant money grab for people who are TOO attached to THIS world and their pets and who don’t have a ¬†higher priority on people rather then pets. How about we put this money into saving the lost?

And wouldn’t it be better if you pay for a service to put your animal to sleep rather then having your animal go through the tribulation and world war III?

I dunno, silly at best…

Beans, Hogs, and Bible Prophecy