When the power was out

Its always such an adventure when the power goes out. Its such a foreign world and experiences for us when it happens, and by us i mean all modern folk living in North America and other first world countries. What do we do when the power goes out? Our whole lives are run by electricity.

Its a great reminder of the luxuries we have when we do lose it. And this one only lasted 2.5 hours or so. Its certainly almost the end of the world when it does happen.

Well, we all went for a walk in the woods just for fun since the TV didnt work 😛 We actually did something together as a family apart from email and facebook. Lindsey always gets on a kick about having no tech tuesdays or something like that. I don’t think its quite an addiction yet for us, not me anyways but it would be very cool to be forced to live without power for a couple days… Just for fun you know.. See how we handle it 😉

World Prophecy News Sources

Last Days NoahInterested to know where I hear my prophetic news every day? Well first and foremost is the bible. Just go read the book of Daniel, revelation, Ezekiel, all the stand by chapters for bible prophecy.

Raptureready.com is a great site for current news items. Most recently I’ve been listening to podcasts and videos by some of my currently favourite prophecy pastors, most of whom are on Youtube.

JD Farag  – www.youtube.com/feed/UCkz3m787ygph7Uvjxzngl-g

Chuck Missler – http://www.youtube.com/feed/UCXM41_LNsR4sIYRS64UJSGQ

Steve Hadley – www.harvestreno.org/messages.asp

EndTime Ministries (Irvin Baxter) – www.youtube.com/feed/UCKCDoXR2lbTl9tFyq3gwWhA (this guy is a post tribber, or mid… or something. Not pre anyways. Interesting change to listen to this point of view)

All these guys have really good weekly at least videos on current events as they relate to bible prophecy. These are excellent bible teachers, nothing crazy being taught by these guys according to my baptist upbringing anyways. The most controversial is Endtime Ministries with as I suggest,  does not believe in the rapture as must north americans believe it.

These are VERY fascinating times we’re living in and current events relating to bible prophecy are in the news every day, almost every hour of the day.

Coming soon is the news on the new pope which is intriguing in its potential outcomes, and Obama going to Israel (first time since being president) to announce, not a peace deal, but discussions anyways. And Iran is inching closer to Israels redline for a preemptive strike. If you ever wanted something to stir your spirit and get you excited about God, its the signs that the bible is true in its prophecies and that He is coming SOON!

Are we all eating and drinking and giving in marriage? Be careful because we are told to ‘look up’ for the coming of our Lord is near.

James 5:7Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. See howthe farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain. 8You also be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.

Poor Mans Playbook IMAP Fix

playbook-messagesOk, so its not really a fix.. more of a work around.

So I have an IMAP account. I have folders. I have rules to sort email into those folders to keep it neat and tidy. THe issue? Playbook mail app doesn’t load all the IMAP folders so if I get a new email that is sorted into one of those, I miss it until I check mail in K9 (another mail app brought over from Android) or in mail.app on my macbook.

So the solution is to (first export my filters) delete the filters I have setup in my gmail account (they are the ones that do the sorting into labels  /folders). Now all email FIRST comes to my inbox. From there I can sort manually. Or as I have setup already on my macbook, rules in mail.app. So at the end of the day when I open mail.app, it downloads and fires all the new email into the appropriate folders – and then full circle, it updates IMAP with the new location of those emails.

The fly in the ointment here is that I can’t search ‘old’ emails in all my folders but… on my PB I rarely actually need to or I can pop into K9 if I’m desperate to find something. Otherwise, seeing new email in my inbox during the day suits me.

For what its worth, there it is. Maybe I gave someone an idea on how to work around their similar issue…

Beans, Hogs, and Bible Prophecy