Hot Showers

In the list of things I’m thankful for, one thing is hot showers at 5am in the morning. I’m slightly fascinated by the fact that if you wake up in the middle of the night, there is still hot water and running water. It makes me wonder who all the little men are that keep it running, watch over it and such during the night like a bunch of servants to the king at my beckon call.

I was sick for the last two nights and I decided to get up and take a shower. Theres something magical about showers in the middle of the night, thats bizarre to say isn’t it… Its such a peaceful time, no phone calls, the house is asleep and quiet. I also love having two bathrooms each with a shower. I feel so rich to have that.

I also love the ‘free’ hot water provided by our hot water coil in the wood furnace.

I really enjoy the small things, the things we often don’t give a second thought to, its really amazing that we have water on demand and hot water at that!

Raise a glass to hot water!

Gmail to Google Apps Mail Migration

So I had a problem, how to migrate from my single gmail account to my domain based google apps account. Simple you would think, surely has a tool specifically for ‘google to google’ accounts. If you thought that you would be wrong.

The no brainer way is to setup a fetch on the new account to login gmail via POP and download emails the old school way. Well for me and 16k emails, the gmail server stopped responding to google apps requests for more email after about 250 :/

The solution I found was to download MS Exchange to Google apps migraiton tool. It has an option for generic IMAP to google apps which is really slick. Using the generic option, you can configure it to check IMAP on your gmail account, and transfer all the email, folders and everything from gmail to your new google apps account.

AND, unlike other methods, there is no downloading of all your email or uploading of all your email, the IMAP transfer is done remotely, in this case google server to google server and all you see are status updates. Now it still takes a few hours to transfer 16k emails but this is one of the most painless email migrations I’ve done!

Google doesn’t make it obvious either, no company instructions for moving gmail emails to google apps.. but a bit of ‘googling’ found it after I went through a number of other suggestions.

Hope this helps the next guy!

Ironic food

So we buy store bought bread with lots of chemicals that keep it ‘fresh’. We buy processed meats, canned fruits. Every once and a while, like for thanksgiving we have fresh baked bread, real fruit, a new variety of vegetables and we think, boy, this fresh food is amazing. We consider it a treat. Not a necessity, or a healthy choice, or a cost effective purchase.

Its a one off special occasion sort of thing, we buy the fresh bread for the company thats coming over and the fresh fruit bowl for the inlaws.

And we’re killing ourselves eating all the chemicals in the food, preservatives, synthetic things that are no good. Food full of salt, sugar, all the wrong kinds of fat.

If we all think about what they ate 100 years ago, fresh bread, fresh slaughter poultry and fresh vegetables were the ‘cheap’ food. The most cost effective stuff, the stuff you could pull out of the ground in your backyard was in fact the most healthy food you could get. They had fresh baked bread every day.

The quality, fresh, healthy food wasn’t just a special occasion sort of thing, it was every day meal stuff.

We, as a society, are TOTALLY backwards, I’m not sure where we started on this trail. It was progress apparently, less time consuming, more convienient. And somehow more cost effective.

Now we have cancer, hospitals filled with new sicknesses, ADHD kids, obesity, all kinds of allergies, shorter lives, higher health care costs and on and on.

All because we gave up hard work that provided us and our close family with healthy fresh food, our ‘daily bread’. Oh, and on top of that its made us put faith in ourselves to earn big dollars rather then putting our faith in God who created the world and the ground that our seeds were planted in. We don’t need God now, cause our money pays for convienient food that big corporations test thoroughly (cough) and guarrantee freshness and health benefits for (cough cough).

We are so deluded, misguided and short sighted. This whole topic really could fill a book or two and I’m sure it has for the ‘back to the land’ers’ and DIYers and hobby farmers.

Giving up hard work and God is why we are where we are, its all strung together, just think about it for a bit…

Not a real happy topic but real!

Beans, Hogs, and Bible Prophecy