Burning Ball Of Sunshine

SunshineAs I was driving home, I decided to shut off the radio and maybe just listen to the quietness, or as much of it as you can in a car on the road. The sun was setting, a big orange globe hanging in the sky. As I squinted at it on and off, I thought to myself  “MAN, is that cool!” I don’t even understand it, its this great bright star hung up in the sky, that burns without air, that heats the earth, provides light so our eyes can see. How great is God for making the sun, and how it is just the right distance away from earth so that we neither freeze solid or are burnt to a crisp. Even with the rotation of the planets in the solar system, all the elements and objects balance to support life. God holds these things in place, by His law of the universe. We slowly discover these laws, the laws of physics for example, mathematics, the universal language they say, etc. How awesome is our God who created all this, and that this is nothing compared to how powerful He is. This is just normal for us but we pass it by, take it for granted.  Stand out on a sunny day and try to look at the sun and tell me it doesn’t amaze you! Without it we would perish, with out the son of God we will perish too. Thankfully Jesus did come by the earth save us! My brain can’t even imagine His glory and splendour when I can’t even imagine the reality of the sun and universe. As they headline in the digital world to emphasize things:

God. Is. Awesome.

Taxes and Israel

K, so this is gonna be a quick thought… err… thoughts on stuff. Too busy to put some real time into this 😀
  • Israel – k, so man, people are really getting mad at Israel, all saying its Israels fault for world troubles, saying they are the problem in the middle east and if only they were gone, we would all have peace… And it doesn’t even make sense much of what they are accusing Israel of WHILE ignoring all the other instigators in the area, the other problems… This is bible prophecy folks, the burdensome stone and all. Its exciting, we’re living in biblical times! You’re seeing it, the rebirth of Israel as a nation, this is more exciting then being alive when Jesus was on the earth.  That is no an overstatement, its not sarcasm at all! Be aware of whats going on, these are awesome times. You also need to figure out who you are following, God says if you are not following Him, you are following satan. Yup, its true, we always have to qualify these things by saying we know they aren’t very PC… Lame time we live in, in terms of PC-ness. Get your life straight is all I wanna say!
  • Tax and being busy – Just finished our taxes, giving caesar what is his and all. Love tax time, its like a forced savings plan 🙂 I really feel like a citizen, doing my part, fulfilling my obligations to society and such. Love it. So ya, the last number of days, or weeks have just been plain busy with meetings, responsibilities, events, services, seminars… Gotta slow down, but I gotta always remember what is important when all is said and done, I need to remember to keep God in focus at all times and not be taken away

“Flying” a plane

25iq39tjpgFound this on digg.com. HI-larious! I so wanna try this… I don’t have enough flies around here though 🙁

What a great father son project. What with the freezing of a life form, then thawing them out. And sharp sharp objects like a razor blade. Classic good ol’ fun.

It actually reminds me of back in the day around the pond torturing little animals like frogs and stuff… but thats another story!

Beans, Hogs, and Bible Prophecy