IOS Blogging Apps are woefully. inadequate!

Ever tried any IOS blogging apps? They are brutal.

List of issues:

  • There are no WYSIWYG editors in . Really? In this day and age? Even paid premium apps require HTML writing – which as anyone knows is SO tedious on IOS touchscreen keyboards
  • There is no uploading of photos to your wordpress media. They either don’t provide uploading ability, ie you have to just link it from the internet somewhere, or they upload but you have to upload to flicker, or picasa or something, not to the media library :/
  • There is no way or place to mark images as ‘Featured images’. For wordpress, I need ideally to use the featured images for the way its setup. Why no featured image option?

And the WordPress blog app itself? All of these issues and more.

These are some of the most basic operations / requirements in blogging software and these companies want me to pay money for software that doesn’t even sport a WYSIWYG editor?

Super fail in my books 🙁 I was really hoping to have a fully mobile blogging solution but for one reason or another, I need my macbook to fix the posts after I post them from an IOS device which is sad.

And you say, why not just load the WordPress interface in safari on the ios device, well… I can do that but the WYSIWYG there doesn’t work either, it downgrades to HTML editor, that has no vertical scroll. Sure most of the other features work but its very  limited and odd in how that works.

I honestly can’t believe that in 2011 I can’t blog 100% from my IOS device, its not like blogging is new or IOS or Safari are new. Has no one else run into these issues?

What have I tried / investigated so far?

  • WordPress official app – not really worth using if you do anything like I do
  • Blogsy – paid $3 for this and it doesn’t do what I need :/
  • Blogpress – read the docs and reviews, doesn’t do what I need
  • are there any others? There doesn’t seem to be that many options out there
  • Oh, and safari on IOS for wordpress admin interface

Hour Of Power

Good read, the granddaughter of Robert schuller talking about growing up in that bubble. People either love or hate the crystal cathedral. I think

link to her story

While growing up a Schuller, she realized that listening to dad (Robert A. Schuller)’s or grandpa (Robert H. Schuller)’s sermons is no comparison to reading the Bible for herself. And being raised in one of America’s biggest and controversial churches actually confused her perception of God, she shared with The Christian Post.

“I thought that God was expecting me to be powerful, successful, wealthy and famous and that is so off base from his true heart for people. For me the question was ‘who is God to me’ and not ‘who is God in Crystal Cathedral.’”

Beans, Hogs, and Bible Prophecy