My Cluttered Life

Currently life is cluttered, rushed, out of time.. it seems anyways. Lots of things happening, we’re having a baby, we’re buying a house (those two are HUGE mental activities and will be for the next couple of months), we have an easter play to get ready for, then I have to do a business trip to texas (which stresses me out, i’m sure it will be fine, I just don’t like traveling that much, not for work anyways), then we’ll be into crunch time for the baby (haven’t got a baby seat yet for the car), will need to get contractors into the house, the insurance finalized, the roof and bathroom repaired / renovated respectively. Oh, did I mentioned that the house we’re in now also has to be in tip top shape because its going back on the market so we will need to be allowing viewings while we’re juggling getting another house, me being away, the last 2 months of pregnancy… oiy.

If its day by day, then we’re managing, just lots going on out of the ordinary. Oh what a day it will be when all of this is settled, we’re in our new house, with a new baby, sure there will be some sleepless nights, not so worried about that. I want to have all this scheduling and setting up of appointments out of the way and just be able to mentally relax.

I hate waiting for big events like the easter play thing and the business trip, they just weigh on my mind and I stress about them. On the bright side, I think we figured out the harmony I’m supposed to be singing in the easter play 😛 Hopefully I’ll remember it and not choke on stage. Oh Joy!

Methinks I’ll be MUCH happier in 2 weeks, that being after the big trip, after all the house buying stuff or after most of its complete and once we’re a bit more in the ‘baby is on its way’ mode.

We have a house (pending…)

Got news back that our offer is now accepted, we’re moving ahead with an inspector and getting the insurance people in there to make sure we’re not purchasing a money pit or anything else. So we’re hoping for good news there.  Trusting God really in all this as this is the biggest decision (the biggest purchase at least) in our lives to date. We are SO looking forward to being in our own place that we can wreck and break and chip and scratch and smash  with no repercussions.  No more worrying what the landlord will think. We’ll finally be able to do stuff with the walls, put screws in them, hang pictures, put up a coat rack, attach shelving… basic things really that we can’t do where we are  🙁 . Looking forward to not being worried about the house, not  treading lightly. We definitely won’t be worried if our kids smash a window or go banging through the door and scuff it up. Yahoooo! The flip side is that right now, we’re busy and stressed, oh, not to mention, we have our first child on the way! Talk to us in… 3 months maybe once the major transitional stuff is past.

In other news:

Have you watched the iPad guided tours? I watched some of them, they were pretty choppy last night, I’m sure millions are watching them in anticipation of the iPad launch in like 4 days or whatever. Pumped on that. Of course Canada doesn’t get them until end of April. I’m looking forward to the youtube unboxings. Nerdy I know, its always fun though to anticipate the next cool gadget and watch it launch.

I must say, I am now looking forward to warm sunny days, it got cold here again, it was really nice for a week, now its rainy and around zero or a little below. Gonna be SO nice to be in our new (old) house when its sunny and warm. Lots of work to do on it but it should be good exercise, a great learning experience and satisfying. We’re also looking forward to doing lots of entertaining once in the new place. Lots of plans, lots of things happening, a new baby on the way, with which I have no idea really how much time that will take or stress that will add. I’m sure lots.

The Spin

Anybody read at all? I check out many sites, jpost, cnn, cbc (of course) and other news outlets. is Irans ‘semi official’ news outlet? I think, anyways, it was created as a way to ‘balance’ western media for the english speaking world. I go there regularly, its VERY interesting to see how they spin the stories in the world to match their beliefs, or atleast what the Iranian government wants you to believe. Its a big victorious story anytime western soldiers are killed or Israelis are killed. And then they have sob stories of the palestinians, how they are being occupied by the little satan – Israel (as they call it, America is the ‘great satan’).

Don’t go blurting out that our media is spun as well, I KNOW THAT, obviously :S . But you can’t use that to explain the hatred of the Jewish people now and through the ages. Why did Hitler hate them?? (btw, CBC did / is doing a great documentary on the second world war hosted by George therm-0-polis or whatever his last name is, check it out on, its a 6 part series or something, real good showing propaganda from both sides). Why does Iran hate them so much? What does Iran have to do with Israel? sure, I can see the people in Gaza, or countries neighbouring Israel to have an opinion on them, but Iran? Makes no sense.

On the presstv message boards there are just lots of pro muslim / iran talking heads saying ‘death to the jews’ and all this nutty stuff. Note that as christians we love others but at the same time we need to be realistic and understand that any religion that does not accept Jesus as Christ and saviour is a religion worshipping the anti-christ. There is no middle ground here and if Christians can’t say that, then how luke warm are we!! Christians are SO nice, we don’t want to stir the pot even when it comes down to stating the truth. Are we just supposed to know the truth in our heads but not discuss it, not proclaim it? We are such lame christians.

Mark 9:40  Anyone who is not against us is for us. (the converse is of course true as well)

The below youtube vid is of a Lebanese born pastor, he became a christian, hence the whole pastor thing and he provides a great look inside the muslim community as he lived it for years.  We need to get our heads out of the sand and stand up for what we believe in. God loves muslims and anybody else on the planet, but that should not prevent us from speaking the truth because we want to be politically correct!

Do we believe the bible enough to proclaim it or don’t we? Are we willing to take the heat?

Beans, Hogs, and Bible Prophecy