Own The Podium


I think ‘Own the podium’ is lame, especially now that they are ‘conceding’ to failure of the whole project. Plus its not nice to the athletes. Some quick points

  • Must make the athletes feel like they failed for not living up to Canadas olympic commitee and their expectations
  • Why would you announce this in the middle of the olympics and just make the athletes feel like they’ve failed
  • They should just keep quiet and plan for the next olympics
  • Why would anyone think realistically that if you put 100 million into the athletes that all the sudden – first time ever, you would be leading the medal count in a winter games? Sure the money helps but does it work that fast?? First you need to put the money into bringing the young ones up and getting them to that level. Just putting money on the top athletes is not the correct move
  • Why are we so concerned to lead medal counts, we just don’t have the athlete base of say a USA, nor the corporate sponsorship or the athletes in the wings coming up.
  • Why are we spending all this money, we should just be happy that we get some medals and busiess should invest in the athletes, not tax dollars :S

Overall, the whole idea was super lame, short sighted, and the ‘failure’ of it was badly managed. A whole press event to say ‘Canada spend all this money and we still suck’?? Thats basically what they said.

If anybody failed, it was Canadas olympic committee. Our athletes are doing an excellent job representing the country!

The Coming Of The Lord

I think a lot about the coming of the Lord. Its just a great topic to think on, we’re in fact encouraged to understand end times, prophecy, the book of revelation. The third verse in revelation says we are blessed if we read it:

Revelation 1:3 God blesses the one who reads this prophecy to the church, and he blesses all who listen to it and obey what it says. For the time is near when these things will happen.

I always wonder why we don’t preach it more. Yes I know, its too hard to understand, why create arguments in the body of Christ with something that ‘doesn’t matter that much’ :S Lame arguments, I think we’ll all get a talking to in heaven about why we didn’t put more effort into biblical prophecy. Considering prophecy is no less then a third of the whole bible (fulfilled and yet to be), its crazy that we don’t emphasize this. Not to mention its GREAT potential to really fire us all up and get us expecting, looking for His return.

This isn’t really supposed to be a rant on the lack of teaching on bible prophecy but oh well. I love watching the youtube videos on prophecy, tons of different speakers teaching it, at-least on the internet these days. Was reading Matthew 24 today and a verse there says that His return will be unmistakable. Hmm,… so if its unmistakable, world leaders will really have to do a job to get all those ‘left behind’ to believe its aliens, and the people will be gullible, they will be hard hearted. ย The bible says those who do not believe cannot see clearly, they don’t understand the mysteries, the things of the bible, they have blinders on, they just don’t ‘get it’, it doesn’t make sense to them.

I hope my blogs and my like for bible prophecy get some others interested in the topic. Its so under utilized as a ministry tool – not that it just amounts to a ‘tool’… that sounds harsh and manipulating. It is though a great and interesting subject that will open peoples eyes for a couple seconds, it will interest them and thats why I think we need to push it more these days.

Cooking things

Often when I’m bored, I’ll make cookies, or … at least attempt to. Usually we don’t have all the ingredients so I just make stuff up. More often than not, the food is a bit off… or.. ALOT off, and often I burn things too ๐Ÿ˜› Part of the fun. Now the house is all smokey and smells like burned something or other.

I’m gonna have fun with our kids ๐Ÿ™‚ Making, Baking and Burning things, hopefully not ourselves. (btw, thats not an ACTUAL batch of my cookies, but you get the idea)

EDIT: They are actually edible tonight. WIN!

Beans, Hogs, and Bible Prophecy