Cooking things

Often when I’m bored, I’ll make cookies, or … at least attempt to. Usually we don’t have all the ingredients so I just make stuff up. More often than not, the food is a bit off… or.. ALOT off, and often I burn things too 😛 Part of the fun. Now the house is all smokey and smells like burned something or other.

I’m gonna have fun with our kids 🙂 Making, Baking and Burning things, hopefully not ourselves. (btw, thats not an ACTUAL batch of my cookies, but you get the idea)

EDIT: They are actually edible tonight. WIN!

Hell, a place we all need to be real familiar with

Here is N.T. Wright talking about Hell. One of Lindseys favourite writers, an anglican I think… Anyways. Lately I’ve been thinking about hell.  We as christians and as a church I believe need to talk about hell more. We need to be less PC and more realistic in talking about hell as a place God created where people will be separated eternally from Him. We like to talk about heaven – course even these days we hardly do any real teaching on it. People should know that if they don’t accept Christ as saviour for their sins, they will go to a place called hell. We as christians believe this and we should not be afraid to say it. Sure it will turn people off,… thats the point, hell is a place they won’t want to go.  We’re very unbalanced with our teaching. Prophecy is too scary, no one can understand the book of revelation, hell is too depressing, we don’t want to get peoples backs up by preaching hellfire and brimstone..

My opinion? If its in the bible, we need to believe it AND preach it straight up. I think we’ll be judged on that when we get to heaven and will lose out on rewards if we do not preach these things – not to mention the souls that may be lost because we didn’t want to upset people :S

Have a watch:

Beans, Hogs, and Bible Prophecy