Life can be busy if we let it be that way

I’m home now, yeah! Really don’t like going on trips, if I could teleport back home each night and do what I want, then trips would be bearable. Otherwise, I might as well be at the office 24/7 and working while I’m on site with a customer.  There aren’t really any perks for me to be travelling at all – have to watch what I say in this day and age on the Internet 😉  Anyways, glad I’m home and I can ‘have a life’ again.

I’ve finished my coffee, now I need to go out and fix the signal wires for my trailer 🙁 I spent big bucks on a nice integrated trailer lighting kit and now somethings not working. Missing a ground, or something is shorting. Boo-urns… This aft we may be picking up a used bedroom set, which is kinda cool actually but my trailer lights don’t work so unless I want a ticket, I need to fix that.

Possibly when I get home I’m going to work on the porch out front. Have some tear out to do there of rotten wood, then I need to get the original post back in place and finish that job so we can get our money from the bank on that. Technically we don’t start paying for our house until all the renovation money has been delivered and since I haven’t had a lot of time to finish reno jobs, we can’t get the money from the bank for those 🙁  … oh, so back to the title, I have a million things to do, I’m trying not to let it be too busy but on the other hand we’ve had so many people over that i really need to stop eating out and start getting some more house work done… and weekends are the only real time to get into a job.

On a totally different subject, I’ve been watching and reading all the iPad 2 rumours, multiple sizes, retina display, camera addition. Love it all, I’m saving my money up for it. I won’t get an ipad without a camera in it, thats a huge piece for me, the rest is icing on the cake. I’m hoping they do a fall release of a new ipad (which is a bit unlikely) to coincide with the iOS4 update that all the ipods will be getting (and which the iPhone already has).  I’m always looking forward to the release of something and this is it this time around 🙂 Its fun waiting and watching and being excited about these things. I find it fun anyways.

Ok, I’m off to get some work done….

Ready for home

I’m ready to get home, back to the Island. seems like SO long ago my family was there cause I had to leave for work right away :/ And when I get home, Lindseys cousin will be there to stay with us for a couple weeks. I’ll be happy once the weekend comes around and I can relax, enjoy the mostly quiet house, and enjoy the breezes and smell of the Island (even if that smell is from the farm). Hm,… might be nice to go to a beach or something… or second though, how about I just do nothing for a day. That would be cool!

Got a few more hours of work here, then I’m off to board an Air Canada Jazz flight. I think I’ll feel like I’m in Canada once I get on board one of them.

In Mclean Virginia

Heres where I am until wednesday. Thankfully didn’t have to drive this time, which makes everything a bit less stressful! Great when you can just depend on the taxi driver to get you through all the unknown traffic and roads! (even if he gets mad at drivers and shakes his fist at them 😀 ) . Its roasting hot, 36 degrees celsius or so. Went for a walk and tried to walk back into the Hilton (where everybody is wearing suits and ties) and hide all the sweat soak marks XD … I don’t think anybody else walks around here actually, didn’t see any walkers really. Everyone was in their car with A/C on. I’m sure the guy who drives the Bentley doesn’t walk outside either, he probably has a air conditioned shuttle to get from the office building to his VIP parking place anyways :/

Flew through New York, got a souvenir, ok, so it was just the airport terminal… that counts as a visit to New York doesn’t it?? Very happy to A) go home on wednesday afternoon and B) to go home on Air Canada Jazz (Love Canada!!) It’ll feel like I’m home already once I step onto the Jazz aircraft even though I’ll get grilled by Canadian Customs in Ottawa as I connect back to Charlottetown. All part of the fun (?).

Beans, Hogs, and Bible Prophecy