On Buying A House

We’ve looked at 10 houses or so now, ones that were really cheap (and needed lots of work), ones that were beyond our comfortable price range (and didn’t need much work at all) and then those that are near the top of our comfortable price range which also don’t need much work, other then some cleaning and finishing touches here and there. I’m glad our ‘high’ price range is in that category. I personally like that we will be able to do some fixing up that will improve the resale of the house. I wouldn’t like to move into something that needed nothing to be done because from that standpoint, all we could do by living there is decrease its value 😛 Or,  have it stay the same anyways. No, I like that we may have the opportunity to put some work into a house and potentially sell it for more down the road. Its an investment right?!

We saw the one we had been WAITING for 3 weeks to see! 🙂 Happy to say we saw it and it definitely lived up to our expectations, which is odd cause so far our experience has been that the photos on mls make the house look better then it turned out to be (in most cases anyways). For me, it actually surpassed expectations, and by  fair margin. Bad advertising? Maybe, methinks they could have added SO much more to the listing than what is there in terms of number of photos, description etc.

To me, its almost like a castle, its massive! 2700 square feet might be underestimating its usable size. Sure that only includes finished areas I suppose, still, it feels large. It has a nice original staircase leading up to 4 bedrooms and a full bathroom, what I like most is the large landing at the top of the stairs though on either side of the staircase. Very nice space! It includes what appears to be a possible deck overtop the addition accessible from a door on the top floor. I kinda don’t want to say too much about it right now, we’re not decided on it and things could totally change. The Lords Will be done there indeed! We’re praying for direction, that He would put us in the right place / location to bring up our new baby.

That being said, this house is easily still top of our list and by a large, large margin considering what we’ve seen so far. Stay tuned for our next adventure in buying a house!

Our Digitally Connected Lives

I love technology, I’m a gadget guy, aren’t most guys? I enjoy all kinds of technology, from iPods to manual winding pocket watches to built in generator flashlights. All forms of technology that are each amazing in their own ways when you stop and think about it. My pocket watch for example, one that I purchases in Scotland, has all the gears and cogs on display as they whirrrr, click, and tock around. I like the sort of technology that doesn’t require ‘plugin’ electricity just cause at some point should we have a big outage of power, I don’t want ALL our stuff to stop working, as is often the case with most in that situation. Such is the world we live in, we don’t realize just how many things rely on electricity.

If the power goes out, do you have heat? Likely not if you have an oil furnace. Do you have hot water? probably not again as that is electric or oil based, do you have a set of candles when your lights don’t turn on? Does your water even work? In the case of a well, it likely depends on a pump. Does your phone work? These days many phones are Internet based ones, VOIP, so if the power goes out, you may find your phone doesn’t work either, especially if all your phones are handhelds that require the base unit to have electricity. Pretty much everything you can think of requires electricity, what would happen if you didn’t have electricity for a couple days??

Something to think about anyways, we are SO not ready for any natural disasters. And I bring this around to my love for Macs, for gadgets, for my iphoto album and my movies (all digital). What would I do without computers to show them to me? People don’t usually keep hardcopies of photos anymore, they just keep them on their PC or Mac. Granted either could be lost in a fire or something but still, if an EMP were to explode a few KMs in the sky and take out the North American power grids, where would we be? I’m all over the place 😀 I suppose to illustrate where we are these days with all our technology, how much we rely on it, depend on it for daily activities. Case in point, I work from home, if the Internet goes down, I can’t work – granted, in this case even if I was able to go to the office, if the Internet is down, we still can’t really work 😛 Our whole company is technology based and reliant.

One thing I look forward to as we buy a house is the option for wood heat, good ole wood heat that doesn’t require electricity – no, its not a pellet furnace and it doesn’t require a blower to push the air (although a fan often helps efficiency). I like the thought of just being a little bit more self sufficient, if a big storm blows in (and apparently we haven’t seen anything yet for a PEI winter, woohoo, bring it on!), I want to still be warm and have Internet (thanks to UPS’s).  In Ontario, we really didn’t have to worry about power outages, they didn’t happen often and most were only brown outs anyways. We’ve received a fair number of brownouts and ‘hits’ in Kensington. I know because I’m sitting right beside my UPS all day every day for work and I hear it click on and off as the drops are registered and accounted for. btw, I would recommend anybody with a PC or laptop have a UPS available to condition the power!

Another backup, albeit a small system right now, is my solar hot air and solar electricity projects, on youtube. Are we self sufficient? Nope, do we have the knowledge and the ability, definitely!

Necessity is the mother of invention!

Alright, thats all for today on our technology based world.

The Sun

Really loving that the sun has been out the last couple of days. I don’t really notice the lack of it to be honest until it starts warming up and you can feel the warmth of the sun, its then that I start thinking about summer. We’re in for a great summer here on the Island, a new baby, a new house, and tons of family and friends planning on visiting us, its great!

Dr. Mercola  – The ideal way to get vitamin D is by exposing your skin to appropriate sunlight. Unfortunately for most of us there simply isn’t enough sun exposure for nearly half of the year. However, even in the sun many of us are modern day cavemen and we spend the majority of the time the sun is out shining inside at work or in our home. Not many of us are regularly out in the sun. Sun exposure (without sunscreen) of about 10 to 15 minutes a day, with at least 40 percent of your skin exposed, is a general guide of how much you need, although people with dark skin will need to stay out significantly longer. Again, most of us struggle with seasonal vitamin D winters in which we may not be able to get enough sun exposure during certain parts of the year. It is important to understand that in the summertime, when you put on your bathing suit and sunbathe for 30 minutes, your body produces about 20,000 IUs of vitamin D — as much as exists in 200 glasses of milk, or the equivalent of about 50 typical multivitamins!

We as humans always think we know whats best, and that its most healthy to stay out of the sun or put lots of sun screen on, when in fact God meant it to be a source of nutrients for us, a part of a healthy lifestyle. As always, moderation is required. Isn’t it fascinating how God made our bodies to interact with photons from the sun? How would evolution ever figure that out? Makes no sense, God is great and this world we live in is intelligently designed.

If you want more information on intelligent design (ie, God created the universe), check out answersingenesis.org

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