Valentines Post

sparkler heart Its valentines so here is the sparkler heart, I’ve pulled it out a few times over the years. Made by Lindsey herself I believe. This will be our 4th valentines together… I think, pretty sure, Oct 1st, 2005.

Hey, maybe I’ll post a vid too… ok, stay tuned, that is next..




So here are my top 10 reasons for loving Lindsey:

  1. Her long beautiful hair
  2. Her outdoorsyness
  3. Her willingness to help others
  4. How outgoing she is
  5. Her smile 🙂
  6. The fact that she likes to go on adventures with me
  7. She loves me back
  8. Her UBER intelligence
  9. Her gentle spirit
  10. And her love for Jesus and her faith

Happy Valentines babe!

My Bucket List

1. bucket list: A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term “kicked the bucket”.

Ok, so what is my bucket list? Here is the list in no particular order:

  • Turn a foam cup inside out (see image) – I saw this once and always wanted to do this
  • Fall in love (with Lindsey)
  • Get married (to Lindsey)
  • Have kids
  • Own my own house
  • Own a motorcycle (Honda 650L)
  • Own my own car
  • See Canada – all provinces and territiories
  • Get a 9 to 5 job that pays decently, and requires brain power rather then brawn
  • Have a happy, fulfilling marriage
  • Be first in line for the release of a new Nintendo System (this was the Wii, was first in line for 1 of 3 units, slept outside Zellers for 23 hours waiting for launch)
  • Have lots of DIFFERENT  hobbies (hockey, photography, websites, video gaming, growing oak trees)
  • Live someplace other then Ontario for a while (did this up in the Northwest Territories for 2 years)
  • Be successful and self sufficient (the definitions of which are relative I know. I measure success by having a nice roof over my head, some extra money for hobbies, and not requiring the assistance of other people to make a living – I don’t consider being a millionaire the only measure of success)
  • Create an off grid house – even if its only a doll house with one light bulb 😛
  • Actively participate in my church for Jesus
  • Live what God would consider a godly life –  or at least know that He sees me aspiring to and moving towards such life
  • To be honest in all my relations and speech

And, if I think of more, I’ll add some more… So alot has been crossed off, very cool. I have a few things I’d like to do before the Lord returns! The race is on!

Birds and movies

Download Video

As seen above, we took some video and pics of some birds and a squirrel while we were up at the Bernhardt cottage in Bolsover. It was a bit of a grey day so we mostly stayed inside by the fireplace. Lots of action just outside the window though, it was, fairly warm, lost a lot of snow, and the animals were out in style.

So ya, we just took it easy, our first weekend off (sorta) in many months, aside from going up north for Christmas that is.

Beans, Hogs, and Bible Prophecy