First Time Home Buyer

Thinking of buying a house?? ME TOO! Since Lindsey and I are pondering our future home, one that will be our first house (that we own) I figured I’d go find some home buyer tip sites.

Heres a quick one with some good tips:

Interesting tip from this website:

Another rule of thumb that I like to use is that you should try to keep your mortgage under 2 x annual income. Live in an expensive city? Then consider saving for a bigger down payment.

As much as I would like to spend lots of money (ya, I like spending money 🙂 ), getting a house for as cheap as can be that satisfies at least your minimum requirements makes tons of financial sense. Especially when you’re starting out. then in 10 or 15 years when you’re really on your way and maybe some old debts are paid off, you can go looking for something more like the home you dreamed of.

One great thing about buying now (after the big stock market crash and recession) is that houses are cheaper. Sure lending is tighter but not much different in Canada because it was already well managed here. You can get a real decent house for 100k these days. Ok, maybe not in Ontario. That leads me to the next point.

When buying a home, be smart about the location. You want a big house with lots of land? Be creative about where you’re willing to live. Live out in the boonies and you’ll get your dream home and lots of land. Live in the city, and maybe you’ll be able to get a duplex or condo for 200k. I like the outdoors, fresh air, living away from people. Also, if you move to just about any other province than Ontario, you’ll get great deals. Now that we’re in PEI (and of all the maritimes, PEI is one of the more expensive places just because of its location as a vacationers haven), houses, and property are cheaper. When compared to Ontario of course so thats great for us. True taxes are higher, we’ll see how that pans out come tax time next year.

Thats my great wisdom. Ya, I know nothing about buying a house, but I figure looking for places that others don’t want is a good way to get more for your money. If you don’t mind being a bit of a handy man, and living out side of town, the boonies are great places to be!

History on the Web – Est 1997

Here is a funny look through a few of the website designs I’ve created / had since I first created a website in the fall of 1997. You can search your old websites too, here:





And then on up until now basically. And I had TONs more designs in there too, the archives didn’t go all the way back to 1997. Funny stuff, interesting to see how webpages evolve and how my skills evolved, the technologies used change etc. As I look back, I really like some of those designs still! Others are just brutal, but hey, I enjoyed making them regardless 😛

Buying a house

OH, the fun of buying a house. We are indeed FIRST TIME  house buyers looking around.

Do we buy something we LOVE for more money, or settle on something more affordable that we aren’t in love with while building our family and equity… Do we get property in town, out of town, what is the best for resale? If a house is an investment, we need to find a place where the potential will continue upwards.

We had our most recent experience where we went to the bank, got all our numbers in order, figured out the max we could spend, OK’d extra renovation amounts for the property and house we were looking at, did all that stuff, then as we went to tour the location of that house, found out that it was SOLD 🙁 I suppose that is part of the fun of house shopping. Ie, not getting the one you really wanted. And then how much is it the Lord telling us that isn’t the right place and how much is just the luck of the draw… But, I did have questions about it still even though we were pumped and all ‘planned up’ for it. So, now that that decision has been made for us,… we proceed onwards looking for a good home for what will be our growing family!

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