My note from facebook – why I’m phasing it out

Well, its been a great experience with facebook. Its a fun tool,… guess its not a tool, more a digital toy. It is great for connecting people but personalization is not really an option. Oh, and they apparently own all the photos I post… and no doubt the videos and anything else the fine print says. SO, I’m going to check facebook less often and focus more of my thoughts and media on my where they were originally. My personal website fell into disrepair basically when myspace showed up, or atleast when I showed up to myspace, then even more so with facebook. No more, I want to keep my digital copyright and I want my website to be my own. Yes, I won’t be able to connect with AS many SO easily as with facebook but it is the way I want to go. So, if you want to see all the latest and greatest photos, comments, movies and stuff, you can go to my site, or follow the RSS feed on my blog. I’ll continue to post now and then but as you’ve noticed, I’ve removed all my photos (if indeed they were actually deleted off facebook servers now that they aren’t mine 🙁 ..).

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