“Flying” a plane

25iq39tjpgFound this on digg.com. HI-larious! I so wanna try this… I don’t have enough flies around here though ­čÖü

What a great father son project. What with the freezing of a life form, then thawing them out. And sharp sharp objects like a razor blade. Classic good ol’ fun.

It actually reminds me of back in the day around the pond torturing little animals like frogs and stuff… but thats another story!

Business and being busy

Haven’t typed a blog in a while now… Too busy. Had zero time all weekend to do anything really. I don’t feel inspired to write anything particular today… Maybe something will come to me later.

So for some filler, here are the top 5 things I’m looking forward to:

  1. Lindsey and I having kids
  2. Moving to PEI
  3. Maybe getting to ride my bike this summer
  4. Enjoying the sunshine – not coming home when its basically too late and dark to go outside hiking or whatever
  5. Going to Scotland this summer and hiking Hadrians wall – should be some EXCELLENT photo ops on that trip!

Oh, what did this have to do with business? I guess business is busy, and adding to the swirling responsibilities in my brain and life.

Shameless Plug


So, most know I own a Honda XL650. I love it, cruised over 10k on it this year. I’ve crashed, flipped, dropped, ┬ásmacked, dented, scrapped, scratched, and bottomed out this bike… Several times actually! Hm, which makes me think I should post some. I removed a bunch from facebook. Anywho, so Honda rocks, they make ‘bullet proof’ engines, as anybody with a Honda knows. They now have a bunch of interesting short films, ya its all marketing but hey, interesting none the less. Check it out here:┬ádreams.honda.com/. They have one about failing, about how many times Honda blew up engines, lost races for years etc. Ha, just cool, Honda is great and they make the best motorcycles as far as I’m concerned. I have a bike that has lived through every possible terrain you could put it through from dunes, to rocks, to seat high mud bogging, and freezing


temperatures. Even the day I brought it home on the trailer, hadn’t really ridden it yet, and it fell over on the trailer after a 3 hour drive home (that was without incident) smashing the right mirror. ┬áSo ya, no lack of ┬á‘fail’ings with me as the owner. Go Honda! Ya I’m fanboy!

Beans, Hogs, and Bible Prophecy