Summer Remembered


On this cold snowy day in Ontario (granted, its only -5 right now) as I’m looking through my iPhoto albums, I see the album from the day we went apple picking. How green and sunny it was! Here is an uber lame poem, written my Micah.pict4226

Summers sun with my hun
No better place to be
Then baking pies all afternoon
What a great life for we

Warm sunny days
Only minor levels of haze (tis southern Ontario after all)
as we bike and hike and laze

Rough running waters
Our toes in do wade
caches and trees and birds and bees
all this and more through the day

 We always take our camera with us, the now discontinued Konica Minolta DiMage A2, so we’re always ready to record our memories and our lives via photo or movie clips (the movies will soon be posted, just need to find a spot for them on my site). 

As we adventure out into Gods handy work, I always am in wonder of its beauty!

EDIT: Most of our pictures were originally on facebook, so I’ll be moving these albums over as time provides.

Sunday Nap


Had our  sunday afternoon nap. Somehow we’ve gotten hooked on it. I didn’t complain cause I’m SO sore from hockey last night. Scored 3 goals! woot, and a few assists. I was actually feeling real good on the ice, I think partly from our big hikes up north over christmas. See the new gallery below, ‘Hillsburgh Hockey’. I’m SO pumped to be playing again. Its been literally years since I’ve played regularly. Its just shinny with what used to be a couple of churches. Its now really a collection of friends of friends of friends that continue it on.

Where do I hang all my equipment in our tiny 1 bedroom apartment you say?? Well the kitchen of course 😉 So far the equipment doesn’t smell that bad but I keep a bottle of Febreeze near by and douse it every once and a while. Actually, and heres a tip for any hockey players reading this, it actually works to wash your equipment, shorts, elbow pads and all. Hockey is grrreat exercise for me, especially since I spend most of my days sitting in a chair in front of a radiation box (read: monitor). However, I do dream of one day having a garage and a basement for these things too. We’ll see how soon the Lord comes back. Can’t wait for Jesus to return but at the same time, we’re planning ahead with our lives and dreaming big for the years ahead.

Israel – Part Two

Ok, part two of the Israel thing. In general about christianity, at-least ‘western’ christianity, we are way too safe with our words. We hate to disrupt peoples lives, depress them with preaching, scare them by saying they are going to hell if they don’t know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. But guess what, THAT IS THE TRUTH, thats what the bible says. Or do I have a different version then mainstream christians have? I’m not saying we need to say hell every sunday but at-least its the truth when we speak it. I feel these days many of the youth are too coddled by leaders, by parents, by elders. What happened to ‘speaking the truth in love’? Too often most just don’t speak the truth because its too upsetting.

So what does this have to do with Israel, other then a general rant? Well, I think we need to tell people the truth that Israel and the Jews are His people and He has a divine plan for them in history. The bible plainly speaks of Israel’s return to the land, 1948, it plainly speaks of the fact that they will not lose their land again forever, that a temple will be prophecy_4horsemenrebuilt, knowledge will increase, the rise and fall of world kingdoms of which we are nearly at the end of. Most don’t follow prophecy and don’t understand the significance of any of the current events coming out of Israel and the middle east and Europe in general. Methinks God is sad that there are so many not praising Him for His awesome prophecies and power throughout the ages, not seeing the wonder in His hand of protection and destruction (when needed) on His people. How awesome it is to realize we are living in ‘biblical times’. They say of disasters as being of ‘biblical proportions’. Did you ever want to live in bible times? Or wonder what its like to see Gods power and His hand on history? Open your eyes, He is making things happen right now, He controls it all.

What a magnificent tool to use when preaching the gospel, to pull in current events and enlighten people that the bible is REAL today, what a great tool to captivate the masses, the youth in particular who are always interested in power, supernatural, or otherwise amazing things that adults too often are too busy to notice. So I encourage all, if you want to have renewed hope in Jesus, excitement about His return and world events, and another great reason to get back into the Word and study it, you need to check out End times prophecy. Its not doom and gloom, its God style ‘shock and awe’.

We should be excited, grateful, and humble that we are on the winning side and that we might even live to see Jesus return!

Beans, Hogs, and Bible Prophecy