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GoPro Hero4 Session Unbox and INDEPTH Review / Thoughts

GoPro Hero4 Session Unbox and INDEPTH Review / Thoughts

Size, form factor, waterproof, one button recording

Cons: have to use App for most settings. Time-lapse is not a video, you have to compile it, Session not compatible with IOS less than version 10 apparently, doesn’t work on 2nd Gen iPad
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Videos recorded with a Garmin Virb or Olympus TG-850
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Crucial MX100 256GB SSD Unboxing And Installation On A 2006 Macbook – side by side speed test

I unbox a brand new Crucial 256GB MX100 SSD. Cost about $150 from Amazon.ca. I installed it into my 2006 Macbook with a bit of trouble included. Restore from time machine but time machine had some permission issues apparently in the files. It took me several restore attempts only to replace the original drive and then exclude the failing file from the Time Machine backup, doing a full time machine backup again and then restoring again to finally get past the error.

Then it errored again but I was far enough into the restore that I could boot the OS, then I continued to use migration assistant and time machine again to complete transferring all my files and settings. Time Machine didn’t let me down in the end apart from the couple of restore errors i had to work around.

System boots in less than half the time it took with the 7200 RPM 500 gig drive I had in it.

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Videos recorded with a Garmin Virb.
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YouTube Tip – Smart Restart Of An Upload

You may or may not know this already, I found it was an unwritten (so far as I know) and obscure sort of thing for which the interface doesn’t hint or provide info.

If you cancel an upload half way through, and come back to it later and upload the same video file, Youtube DOES know what video it is and will pick up where it left off, saving you time and upload bandwidth! It will also save any description, title or other settings that you entered prior to the cancel (saves title and description at minimum).

I found this useful since we have really slow internet in general and brutal upload speeds. When I found the video causing slowness when browsing, I just canceled the upload and decided to upload it later. I basically stumbled upon the functionality when the next time I tried to upload it, it remembered where it left off!

Not sure why they don’t advertise this or have a PAUSE button on it which would do the same because they obviously already have the logic on the backside for it.

Regardless, handy option to have if you know its there!

Maybe you knew it was there already??