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Micro blog #1 – Fuel bills

Our oil tank is diminishing quickly, especially with the sub zero temps out these last few days. Methinks a tank will last only 2 months which is too bad! Cost $650 to fill it. The gauge isn’t quite reliable though, when full it only measures 3/4 … maybe the float is partially submerged, or maybe when the oil is that high, it just can’t go that far…  Likely we’ll fill up before we leave for Ontario and make sure the temps are turned down so as not to use much. I SO wish the landlord would allow us to have programmable thermostats! We could easily save so much oil that way. I’ll probably follow up with a ‘post-winter’ review on oil consumption. Should be interesting to see what we’re going through. Granted, from reading forums and such, our consumption doesn’t look TOO far out of whack.. still, would like to conserve more.

Snow is on the ground

We finally have snow on the ground. I got to shovel the driveway – its big, and put on the brand new snow tires. And we got a Christmas tree (although its only 2 feet tall). We’re officially ready for Christmas now. We also watched the Kensington Santa Claus parade, that was nice.

Photo 115As we go to Ontario for Christmas, I think our car is going to be PACKED on the way there and no different back as we bring home more stuff from my parents place.

We’ll have presents and instruments on the way down and instruments and all the stuff we left there on the way back. Well, some of it, won’t have room for all of it. I’m excited! Nice to have cold temperatures and snow, looking forward to the next blizzard to really test out the snow tires.

We did get stuck already though with the all seasons as we were tree hunting. Got half way up a backroad hill that was only driven up previously by what looked like a small tractor by the looks of the tracks left behind. Its great trying to get down back roads after a fresh snow fall, gotta keep your speed up and hang on 🙂 Kinda like snowmobiling, cept on a snowmobile you gotta keep your feet up and hang on.

Having fun being in PEI so far, can’t wait to see what the rest of the winter brings!

Just a blah blog

snowincanningtonCouldn’t think of anything specific to blog on. Its been rainy and cool here, and we’ve been turning the temp down in the house, downstairs since during week days, we only use this space like 2 or 3 hours a day. My office is upstairs where I keep it quite a bit warmer most of the time. We’re waiting for some snow, it would be fine that it was cloudy with precipitation if that precipitation was snow! Hopefully soon. btw, the pic above is from Cannington, the winter of.. 2005. Matts Alero there, and my (beloved) VW Golf. Man that golf was great 🙁 I’d love to get another vw! Something about those cars! We made a snowman, Lindsey and I that night – you can see the head overtop the alero. Love getting huge piles of deep snow. I miss the winters in Cannington where the roads were completely covered half a foot deep or more. You either had to plow through it or wait until morning some time to see if the plow comes by. We had to walk a few times to church on a snowy sunday morning because the snow wasn’t plowed yet.

Lindsey worked the ‘night’ shift yesterday, noon till 9 or so, and was off again this morning for a regular days schedule so I’ve been sitting in an empty house alot.

Last night I was able to spend time working on my CMS (content management system). I’m making a centralized one because I couldn’t find anything open source ‘out there’ that would do what I needed. Most CMS’s are far too complex for what I need. Mostly when people are editing websites, they need a minimum of options: Add text, upload pictures, resize pictures, edit text, make some links… really thats all they need. They don’t particularly need to make new pages, create new editor logins, or install plugins – besides, if they needed those features, I would probably be charging more and have something like Drupal or Joomla instaled 😛 . No, what i need is something UBER basic, edit page with CKeditor, save, edit another predefined page… SO… I’m building it myself.  slowly getting there. With the progress I’ve made, I should be able to get it ready for next year, that would be swell, and make the management of my sites much easier and prettier! btw, thats what I spent all last night doing  😛 Checking out ckeditor 3.0

Hey, I need a logo for mine! If I had any ambition, I might make mine freely available to others, though from that standpoint its VERY minimal and people would be asking for so many extra features that they can already get from other great sources, ie mentioned above.

And what else…

Looking forward to going to Ontario – hope the internet is good. My dad only has twice dial up. We’ll see how well that works 😛 I’m not real used to anything other than high speed!

I often thing (changing subjects) that I communicate so much on line for work, through emails, after work with friends via facebook, instant messenger, txting etc, that I hardly ever verbally communicate.  We must talk SO much less as a population then they did 20 years ago I think.  You don’t call your friends up on the phone to hang out anymore, you txt them. What does that mean? I dunno, just thought that I rarely speak anymore 😀