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How To Render Hog Fat Into Lard – A video experience

This is a bit of a video tutorial / my experience on rendering hog fat into lard. I got a large bag of FREE hog fat from the local butcher – small shops like this don’t have much use for the fat these days as people don’t render their own fat, and the amounts the butchers cut off the meat in the smaller shops don’t produce enough fat to make it worth selling to a larger lard producer /operation.

So its well worth it to just go to your local shop and ask for it. There is some great detail at this website – this is a page I found most useful:

The basic steps are these:
1) cut up your lard into smaller chunks
2) place in crock pot on low (if indoors, i was outdoors where temp was below zero so hi seemed to work for me in that case, try it once and see what best works for you)
3) strain off the liquid lard as you have sufficient volume to fill up a mason jar and keep melting the rest
4) put a lid on the jar and let it cool / congeal
5) place jar in fridge or freezer for storage – its not pasteurized at this point so it likely will not keep on just a shelf

I will render several jars worth – my goal is to render down a years supply of it.

It can be used for frying, sautéing,making pancakes, making pastries for pies etc. All natural!

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Thanks for watching!

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