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Maple Syrup

Real Canadian maple syrup is a tasty treat in the early spring season. Wee tap our tree usually in early April when the evenings are below zero and the mornings are above and the sun is shining.

Trees produce the largest amounts when the sun is directly on them which ensures good temperature swing between cold and warm.

We generally harvest and boil down about 50 litres of sap and end up with 4 or 5 litres of finished product with varying levels of viscosity.  Sometimes I like to keep it thinner to get more out of it đŸ™‚ And its just as sweet!

Our tree is a Manitoba Maple. Not the first tree you would think of when tapping trees but its the only maple we have on our property, and its a big old one too.

We’ve been boiling it down using propane in our kitchen which isn’t real sustainable since it creates a lot of stick residue on ceilings and such so the plan this year is to create an outdoor fireplace. I’m sure I’ll be posting photos as I go there!

See our maple syrup process below:

4 thoughts on “Maple Syrup

  1. Brother,
    God bless you richly. I had no Idea that you have a link to REAL Maple Syrup.

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  2. Hello – thanks for the information, Appreciate it. And I agree, from what i’m gathering, experts expect this to be quite serious. We are in the country – not in a city so thats the first step đŸ™‚ the biggest issues will be in the close proximity cities. We are prepared to self quarantine for up to a month if needed at this point. It would be difficult but we could if needed.

  3. Ya, I tap a large tree on our property and have a few sugar maples growing as well to tap in years to come should the Lord tarry!

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